At a very young age Steve was drawn to art and visual expression. As a teen this interest grew and developed into a love for many mediums – painting, printmaking and 3-dimensional sculpture. His natural affinity to all things mechanical and working with his hands coupled with his passion for visual expression, led Steve to pursue a career in photography.

Steve graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science in commercial photography. A move to Atlanta began his 20-year career in photography initially working as an assistant to some of the biggest Atlanta photographers and then as a shooter himself for one of the largest studios in the city. From his early days of 4×5 cameras and available light to his current equipment of choice, state-of-the-art Phase One cameras and studio lighting, Steve has become a master of light, composition and the mechanics of the set. His still life photography assignments have encompassed both studio and location shoots for apparel, food, jewelry, beauty and hard-goods clients.

Based in suburban Philadelphia, Steve paints and creates fine art photography on his own time – continually expanding the vision he brings to the set. When not behind the camera or with a paint brush in his hand Steve can be found working on muscle cars or traveling with his family.